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9. Troubleshooting

Following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to these questions. We recommend reading these before contacting us when you run into problems.

Q:I cannot connect to the license server from the client PC.

The required port might be blocked by your firewall. If that is the case, please check your Windows Firewall settings and make the port usable.

lients will also be unable to connect if the service is stopped. Confirm that the service is in the Started state by opening the License Manager’s Configuration window.

Q:The license server broke down. How can I restore the licenses?

If you can transfer the network adapter used when you authorized the licenses, transfer that network adapter to the new server computer, enter the same license keys you used before and you will be able to use the licenses again.

If this is not possible, please contact your distributor or PSOFT Support.

Q: I can’t register my product’s serial number.

Registration may fail when using an old version of the license manager (for example, when trying to register a new network license product that is not supported by an older version of the license manager). In that case, please download the latest version of the license manager from the PSOFT User Page and update the software according to the instructions in “2. Installation, Starting and Stopping the Server”.

If you are using the latest version of the License Manager, please check that there is no error in the serial number entered. If the registration still fails, please contact your distributor or PSOFT Support.

Q: The client computer suddenly becomes unable to acquire licenses.

If the License Manager is running, try stopping it momentarily and restarting it. Then try acquiring a license again.

Make sure to use the ON /OFF button of the License Manager’s Configuration window to start and stop the License Manager. The License Manager runs as an OS service. You can’t stop and restart the License Manager simply by closing and re-opening the Configuration Window.


The acquisition of licenses may fail if the load on the license server is too heavy. Make sure to use the server computer in a stable condition.