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2. Installation, Starting and Stopping the Server

Execute the setup file and complete the installation of The Software by following the instructions on the screen. (*2)
A shortcut icon is created on the desktop after the installation.


  • The user must have administrative rights on the server PC to perform the installation.(*2)
  • What to do if an old version is already installed.
    Please uninstall the old version before installing the new one.
    (* The registered license information will not be lost.)
  • The acquisition of licenses may fail if the load on the license server is too heavy. Make sure the server computer is in a stable operating condition.

2-1. Starting the Server

The license server is started automatically as a Windows service when the OS starts up.
(* After installation, restart the OS or start the license server from the Configuration window.)

2-2. Stopping the Server

You can stop the license server from the Configuration window.