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3. Configuration Window

Double-click the PSOFT Network License Manager icon on the desktop to open the Configuration window.

3-1. Licenses Tab

Use this tab to add, authorize, reset licenses, etc.

  1. ON / OFF button: Starts / stops the server.
  2. Server status: Displays the current status of the server.
  3. Licenses overview: Displays an overview of the licenses and their statuses.

    Status Value State
    Reserved License cannot be used (already in use).
    Available License can be used.
    Un-Authorized License was not authorized yet.
  4. Add button: Adds a license. (Opens a dialog window.)

  5. Delete button: Deletes a license. (Opens a dialog window.)
  6. Reset button: Resets a license. (Opens a dialog window.)
  7. Authorize button: Authorizes a license. (Opens a dialog window.)
  8. Return button: Returns a license. (Opens a dialog window.)

3-2. Configuration Tab

Use this tab to configure the license server.

  1. IP: Shows the IP address of the network adapter selected in (2).
  2. NIC ID: List of the network adapter IDs used to fix licenses.
  3. Port No.: Shows the port number used for communication. You can edit the value to set a new port number.
  4. Password: Allows setting the password requested when authenticating a client. It is usually not required when operating over a local network. If you wish the server to request a password when a client connects to it, you can define that password here (up to 16 characters long).
  5. Apply button: Applies the changes made to the settings. If changes were made to 2, 3 or 4, the new settings will take effect after clicking this button.