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7. Releasing / Resetting a License

Licenses on the license server that are stuck in the Reserved state due to troubles on the client can be released / reset by following the steps below.

7-1. Releasing a License

Step 1:Execute the license release procedure on the client.

Since the procedure depends on the type of the client, please refer to the client’s manual.

Step 2:If the product is a plug-in, try restarting the host application and executing Step 1 again.

Step 3:Try restarting the client computer where the trouble occurred and executing Step 1 again.

7-2. Resetting a License

If the license is still in the Reserved state after executing procedure “7-1. Releasing a License”, it becomes necessary to reset the license.
Open the License tab and follow the steps below to reset the license.

Step 1:Select the license you wish to reset and click [Reset].

Step 2:Verify the contents of the confirmation message and press [OK] to confirm the operation.

Step 3:Confirm that the status of the license changed from [Reserved] to [Available].