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Ver. 2.5.4


PSOFT Network License Manager (referred to as “The Software” from now on) is the license management tool for PSOFT’s network license products.

The Software can be used as a license server by installing it on a PC on your local network.

Unlike stand-alone licenses which need to be authorized on each PC, network licenses can be used with flexibility by acquiring them from the license server through the network.

Benefits of the Network License

  • Simplifies system management by making it possible to acquire licenses from the server instead of storing them locally.
  • Makes it possible to concentrate license management to the server.
  • Makes it possible to use PSOFT network license products on any PC connected to the same local network as the license server.
  • Allows rigorous license management by monitoring the status of the licenses in use.
  • Allows adding new licenses as required.

Network License Configuration

The network license system is configured with the license server PC at its center. The license server PC manages all the licenses using The Software. The PCs using network license software (client PCs) send authentication requests to the server PC which are confirmed if usable licenses are available.