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Using Render Elements

We explain how to use the Render Elements functionality to export Pencil+ 4 Lines to a separate file.

Create a Scene

Create a scene containing Pencil+ 4 Lines. Pencil+ 4 Lines

Compositor Settings

  1. Open the compositor editor and enable [Use Nodes].

    Use Nodes

  2. Select [Add] from the compositor editor's menu and then [Pencil+ 4 Line Render Element] - [ViewLayer] - [New] to add a [Pencil+ 4.Line Render Element.ViewLayer] node.

    Add ViewLayer

  3. Add a [Output] - [File Output] node form the menu and connect the [Image] socket from the [Pencil+ 4.Line Render Element.ViewLayer] node to the [File Output] node. You can specify the file format and output path with the [File Output] node.

    File Output Node


Execute the render. An image containing only the Pencil+ 4 Lines rendered in the render layer is output to the path specified by the [File Output] node.

Output Folder

The rendered Render Elements image can also be checked with the image editor. Click the image editor's image icon and select the Render Element ViewLayer to display the rendering result.

Image Editor