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Pencil+ 4 Material Menu

We introduce the items of the Pencil+ 4 Material menu in the Shader Editor.

Material Menu


Convert the selected materials to Pencil+ 4 Materials.

Batch Convert

Select materials in the blend file from a list and convert them all at once. Click to display the [Pencil+ 4 Material Batch Convert] dialog.

Pencil+ 4 Material Batch Convert dialog


Click to select all the materials in the list.


Click to deselect all selected materials in the list.


Click to deselect the selected materials and select the unselected materials.

Number of Zones

Specify the number of Zones in the converted Pencil+ 4 Materials. The maximum number of Zones is 16.


Perform the conversion with the specified settings.


When initializing the Material Batch Convert list, the materials of the selected objects in the scene are pre-selected. You can conveniently convert a large number of materials.

Batch Convert list initialization

Reset (Update) Node Groups

Reconfigure old versions of Pencil+ 4 Material shader node groups to the current version of Pencil+ 4 Material. When new features are added through add-on updates, this updates materials created in previous versions so you can use the new features.