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License Acquisition for Render Nodes

Operation Conditions for the Render Node Version

The Render Node version is a special license type for environments where only rendering is performed. The linked software configuration must match the conditions described below to be considered a "Render Node".

If the linked software is not recognized as a "Render Node", watermarks will be applied to the rendered images even if the license is authenticated.

Linked Software Conditions
PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender (4.0.2b and up) Blender was launched using the background command line argument and is running without a user interface.

License Acquisition for the Render Node Version

The Render Node version uses a license authentication system similar to the one used by the Network License version. A working "PSOFT Network License Manager" where authorized Render Node version licenses are registered is required to authenticate licenses.

Please refer to License Acquisition for Network Licenses for details about license acquisition.


The Pencil+ 4 Render App Render Node version requires PSOFT Network License Manager version 2.5.3 or later.